Pedigree Cats

The majority of cats in Hong Kong are what we call moggies or domestic short haired cats – that is they are a random mixture of lots of different cats, we have often have little idea about their parentage (well the father anyway!). This means we have no control over the colour, body shape, coat length or anything else that the kittens can inherit from their parents. So, for example, if your kitten is from a moggie mum but its father is unknown, it may develop a longer coat than you desire if the father was indeed longhaired.

There is more to choosing a pedigree cat than just liking a certain coat colour or length – there are ethical considerations with some breeds if you really want to consider the cat’s welfare. There are also health issues which you need to check with the breeder and things you need to ask. Good breeders aim to breed healthy, people-friendly cats and avoid (or seek to deal with) inherited disorders which arise. Sadly good breeders are often hard to find in Hong Kong. Most of the kittens available in pet shops are bred with scant regard for their health and welfare.

Everyone knows that pedigree dogs are often prone to breed specific health problems. Well known examples are Bulldogs having breathing problems and Labradors with sore hips. Most people are not aware though that pedigree cats often have breed specific medical issues as well. It is easy to purchase a kitten on impulse but without proper research you could be buying lots of heartache.

International Cat Care have some brilliant information on the health problems of different pedigree cats.

It is worth remembering that rescue organisations such as the SPCA often have pedigree cats looking for homes.