As pet owners ourselves, we understand that most animal lovers have more than one pet and usually own different species. We aim to provide a one stop shop for all your pets’ needs and are one of the few stores on Hong Kong Island who can cater for the needs of all of your pets under one roof!
The Direct Line for Pacific Pets is 2813 7979.

// Books

We carry a range of English language books covering everything from cat behaviour, dog training, children’s pet guides through to the humorous and silly for great gift ideas.

// Dogs

For your canine companions we stock a full range of foods from breed specific life-stage nutrition through to raw diets and bones and selection of supplements. In addition to our onsite grooming service we have a wide variety of grooming products and our staff are on hand to advise you on shampoos and equipment.

Pacific Pets hosts puppy classes in association with Rosalind Cheung, our qualified dog trainer. We also have a range of training aids from leads, collars and harnesses to clickers and treats. Boredom busting toys are among our best sellers and we stock the full range of Kong Toys.

// Cats

For the favourite felines in your life we have an expanding range of toys, beds, scratching posts and diets to allow you to keep your cats purr-fectly contented.

// Small Furries

Stanley seems to be home to an astonishing number of chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters and we are able to keep you well stocked up with food, bedding and accessories for these increasingly popular little characters with Oxbow and Versele-Laga.

 // Birds

We also stock Harrison’s Bird Food – Avian Vet’s first choice for nutrition- for the entire range of pet birds from canaries and finches  to macaws and toucans.

// Reptiles

Our scaly friends are not forgotten either and we have a range of Exo-Terra and ZooMed products for all tortoises, turtles, snakes and lizards. We have the full range of UV lights, heaters, diets and tanks and terrariums to keep a whole range of reptiles.

// Fish

Pacific Pets is also proud to be the only distributor on Hong Kong Island for the biOrb range of aquariums. These beautiful tanks allow you to experience the joys of keeping fish at home with only 5 minutes work a month! We also stock a range of tropical fish, goldfish and a small selection of marine fish.