// Wellness Exams

We are very focused on preventative medicine and strongly recommend the concept of Wellness Examinations. These consultations can involve everything from discussion of your parrot’s dietary requirements to planning a vaccination strategy for your new puppy.

Parasite control is of particular importance in Hong Kong and many parasitic diseases can be very serious. We can advise on preventive strategies tailored to your animal’s particular lifestyle.

Occasionally some diseases can pass from animals to humans (and vice versa!) and we can advise on ways to keep you and your family safe.

// Dog Licencing and Rabies Vaccination

To comply with the Hong Kong Rabies Ordinance, all dogs must be implanted with a specific kind of microchip and vaccinated against rabies at between 12 and 20 weeks of age. A dog licence is then issued which must be renewed at least every three years. It is illegal in Hong Kong to own an unlicensed dog over 5 months of age.

We can perform all the required procedures and apply for the dog licence on your behalf.

// House Call service

We offer a House Call service to all areas of Hong Kong Island, and occasionally further afield. While there is obviously a limit to what procedures can be done outside the clinic, house calls can be very useful for vaccinations, check ups and discussions on housing, diet and behaviour.

When the time sadly comes for animals to be put to sleep, house calls can allow this to happen in the comforting surroundings of home.

// Diagnostics

As in the case in the human medical field, the quality and range of veterinary diagnostic tests is increasing almost by the day. Stanley Veterinary Centre has a comprehensive in-house laboratory and can often have results ready in just a few minutes. We can test in house for Biochemistry, Haematology, Urine Analysis and many parasitic diseases such as Giardia and Heartworm. In addition we are able to screen for serious viral diseases such as Canine Distemper and Feline Leukaemia.

We have full access to external laboratories for pathology and more complicated blood tests.

We have onsite x-ray facilities to allow us to rapidly gain internal images of sick and injured animals. An advanced ultrasound machine allows us to obtain detailed real time images of the heart and abdominal organs.

// Hospitalised Care

We pride ourselves on our caring, friendly service and do our utmost to make our hospitalised patients relaxed, pain free and comfortable. We welcome family visits to hospitalised animals by appointment.

// Anaesthesia and Pain Control

Anaesthetics are not just required for surgery in animals but are often used to allow for stress free examination and sedation for x-rays and other procedures. A dedicated member of staff continuously monitors all of our animals to ensure that our anaesthetics are as safe as is possible.

Pain control is of vital importance is ensuring not only the animal’s welfare, but also a speedy recovery. We pay close attention to control of pain both in animals undergoing surgery and those in chronic pain such as older dogs with arthritis.

// Surgery and Dentistry

The most common surgical operations that most dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs undergo are spay and neuter procedures. De-sexing procedures are carried out not just to prevent pregnancy but also for various medical and behavioural reasons. We can advise you on the best times to have this done.

Stanley Veterinary Centre is also well equipped for other soft tissue surgery and some basic orthopaedic procedures. We also carry out a full range of dental treatments from routine teeth scaling to more serious dental surgery.

// International Pet Travel

Many of our clients are expatriates who travel and relocate with their pets frequently. As a result we are very experienced in handling animal export. We work closely with the pet travel agents in Hong Kong and provide all services that are needed for export including rabies vaccination, blood testing, ISO microchip implantation and health certificates.

// Exotic Pets

We are seeing an ever-increasing range of animal species kept as pets. Many of these animals can develop severe health problems from being kept in an inappropriate environment and being fed an incorrect diet. We are able to advise on all aspects of care and husbandry for reptiles, birds and mammals. Ideally make an appointment to discuss the care needed for a particular animal species before you bring it home. Our vets will be able to help you get off to a healthy start.

// Puppy Socialisation Classes and Dog Training

Stanley Veterinary Centre is fortunate to work in association with Rosalind Cheung, a qualified dog trainer. We run puppy socialisation and obedience classes in out Pacific Pets shop regularly ensuring that you and your new family member get off to a good start.

Our vets are also available to help with behavioural issues with all pet species.

// Euthanasia and Cremation

The sad truth is that most of us will outlive our pets and the time will come when we must say good-bye. In many cases animals may be put to sleep to minimise stress, pain and suffering. Our vets have all been through this before with their own pets and are fully aware of how difficult a time this can be for the family. We can offer sympathetic advice and ensure your pet’s dignity is maintained until the end.

Some of our clients prefer to have their pet put to sleep in the familiar surroundings of their own home and we can usually arrange for a house call to facilitate this.

We are also able to assist with the handling of your pet after it passes away and can arrange cremation and other details for you.